International Sports & Wellness Show


What can we do for you?

A busy few days at the ISWS in the Dubai World Trade Centre has come to a close. We had a great few days talking to many people about our philosophy and aim.

It was a pleasure to meet like minded people in different industries, share the same values to promote health, fitness and well being across Dubai and the Middle East. 

If you need advice on Nutrition, Health and Fitness, we can help you.

We can't wait to work with out new partners and educate others on the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.


Fitness meets MMA

This photo shows Nicky discussing training methods with MMA fighter Moe.

With our stand being the main activation zone in the centre of the exhibition, it was used for external classes and workshops.

It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, together we can get results.


Fitness is about bringing people together

Hands up if you enjoyed our Nicky Fitness workout? 

A great effort from all who stopped by and took part in our workouts and Fitness Challenges. 

Many people think exercise and keeping fit has to involve a gym, running on a treadmill or lifting weights. That is not always the case.

Find something you love, something you will be more likely to stick at it and not give up.

Over the 3 days of the show we demonstrated Functional training using bodyweight exercises, a ladder, battle ropes, boxing pads and gloves, kettle bells, dumbbells and resistance bands. We didn't need much space but we were still able to produce a tough workout that burnt calories and challenged strength along with fitness.

For information about how we can help you and your business, get in touch with us today!

ISWS - International Sports & Wellness Show


What is ISWS?

The world’s most extensive and exciting fitness, sports, and wellness event takes place in the inspirational and innovative city of Dubai from 27th – 29th March, 2018. The first international sports and wellness show of this magnitude will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre. ISWS will see sports and wellbeing experts and enthusiasts from all over the globe come together at an event celebrating holistic health and positive lifestyle choices.

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What part does Nicky Fitness play?

The main aim is to raise brand awareness and educate the people of Dubai and the UAE, the importance of leading a more active and healthy lifestyle. 

Fitness doesn't have to be running on a treadmill or lifting weights in a gym, it can take place anywhere. 

Bodyweight training is a great way to challenge your individual strength and improve your fitness. You don't need any equipment and you don't need to join a can be done at home, out the garden or with just a small space.

There is also Functional Training which involves using Kettlebells, Ladders, Battle ropes, TRX, Slam balls etc which makes training FUN and relative to day to day life.

(Check out our Activation classes throughout the show for more information)

Nutrition, Health & Fitness are the words represented on the logo which will be focussed on during the 3 days of the show.


Prizes & Give aways

There will be some great prizes and give aways. Make sure you tag @nicky__fitness on Instagram for your chance to WIN!

Free Personal Training sessions

Discount on Protein Supplements 

Genetic Testing Discount

Clothing - Hats & T-shirts to be won!

Latest Event


Charity Cycle - January 2018

On Saturday 27th January, a Charity Cycle event was held at Train SF, Dubai.

It was to raise money for Sniff Middle East. Sniff's are dogs animal rescue organisation within the UAE.

The event included sponsors and prizes. A big thank you to Empiric Middle East for sponsoring and supporting this cause.



Initially the plan was to cycle as far as you can.

  • 1km for every 10 AED raised

However, due to the change of venue last minute, the parameters changed. The event took place on spin bikes. As these can not record time, there were 3 judges who would increase the resistance.

The aim was to ride for 1.5 hrs and not to stop. If you stop you are out. Every 10 minutes the resistance would turn 5 turns to add more pressure to the ride.


The Outcome

The competitive side of me kept me going. After the 1.5 hrs we were told to stop as many people made it through to this stage despite the heavy resistance being added. 

So a Spin-A-Thon was introduced. The 'Last man standing' concept was the goal as there were prizes for the Top 3.

The prize involved food so there was no way I was giving up!!

Thanks to Pura Meal Plans for my prize of a months free food and thanks to Brett Richards Fitness for organising.

Hopefully the money raised for Sniff Middle East will help lots of dogs get better care and a better life. 

Latest Event


Under Armour Challenge 2017

Saturday 9th September was spent at the Under Armour Challenge, which took place on the ice rink at the biggest Mall in the world, Dubai Mall.

Lots of athletes and fitness professionals were there taking part to compete and win an Under Armour sponsorship for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. 

The level and standard of competition was high and so was the volume of competitors. In total there were:

  • 188 Male
  • 80 Female
  • 12 Mixed teams of 4

The event was put on to mark the opening of the new Under Armour store in Dubai Mall, which the great Olympian Swimmer Michael Phelps was here to open.


The Workout

Due to the high amount of competitors, the 188 Males had to be cut down. To do this, the workout needed to be tough.

Heat 1 

(45 secs ON:15 secs transition/rest)

  1. Spin Bike - Cycle as fast as you can to burn as many calories as possible in 45 secs
  2. Squat & OH Press with 12kg Kettlebell in each hand. As many reps as possible
  3. Slam ball of 25kg shoulder toss. As many reps as possible
  4. Burped with Hand release into Box jump. As many reps as possible
  5. Rowing machine. As far as you can row in metres in 45 seconds.

From these events, I won my heat and went on the make the Top 30 semi final. This was tough as we were now fatigued and had x3 workouts which were all 2 minutes.

  1. Pull Ups - Underhand grip. As many reps as possible
  2. Bear Crawls with KO8 pulling you back in towards a tyre. As many reps as possible
  3. Squat hold with 10kg plate, balancing on a BOSU.

I didn't make the final Top 6 but happy with the performance, finishing 8th.


Team Workout

Due to so many Heats taking place on the day, we decided to enter a team to kill some time. We recruited 2 male and 2 females.

Pictured (Left to Right)

(John Karpathakis, Eleanor Collins, Myself & Fiona Brown)

The Qualifying exercises tested muscular endurance, speed, strength and aerobic capacity.

  1. Crucifix hold - With 20kg each side. Hold as long as possible
  2. SkiErg butterfly pull down. As far as you can pull in metres in 45 seconds
  3. Boxing punch bag. As many punches as you can in 45 seconds

We then qualified for the final which involved carrying a sled up and down the course with 200kg of weight inside.

After a great effort we finished 5th. The style of training for the day was CrossFit which is not how myself and others in my train but we gave it a good go!

In what was a long and tiring day, it was great to spend it competing with so many fitness professionals within the industry here in the Middle East. Thanks Under Armour for the event and well done to all who took part, organised and supported.

Check out the Youtube channel (Nicky Fitness) for a video of the events on the day.