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Personal Training

Team Events or Sports Specific

Personal Training

Specific 60 minute workouts tailored around you and getting you results.

One to one (1:1)

Location of the session can be chosen by you the flexibility to train away from the gym, outdoors on the beach or in the convenience of your own home.


Group sessions

Team Events or Sports Specific

Personal Training

60 minute workouts which you can do with a friend or with a group. 

Buddy sessions (1:2)

Group session (1:4)

Location of the session can be chosen by you the flexibility to train away from the gym, outdoors on the beach or in the convenience of your own home.


Team Events or Sports Specific

Team Events or Sports Specific

Team Events or Sports Specific

Train for the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, IronMan Dubai and more...

60 minute to 90 minute workouts, designed specifically for each event or sport, with the aim to enhance performance.

Why is Fitness important?

Enquire about 1 to 1 Personal Training sessions, Buddy PT sessions and Group PT sessions including tailored workouts, nutrition plans and training progammes uniquely designed for you. 

Understand the type of training you should be doing which is specific to you and your goal. Find out how to maximise your sessions, which doesn't mean you need to spend hours upon hours in the gym, you just need to train smart. Get in touch for more information



The Importance of Goal setting...

Aside from all the cliches 'you can do anything you put your mind to' & 'a goal without a plan is just a dream'

They actually speak sense. Let me explain.

During my time as a Personal Trainer, the majority of people I have worked with want to either lose weight or gain muscle. 

They have a vision that they want to achieve. For example, lets take weight loss. People who want to lose weight, don't necessarily know how much they want to lose but the see an image in their head of themselves looking thinner and link this to feeling more confident which is believed that overall, will make them happier.


Achieving results

Let's take your goal and set a structure, a critical path to get us to ultimately reach what you want, but we need direction.

There are three ways we can break down our goal. We need to be clear.

Using the acronym below will help -

S pecific

M easurable

A chievable

R ealistic

T ime

E xecute

R esults

With your own goal in mind, use the above to get as much detail as you can about your goal.

The timeframe can be set but we need progress points along the way to monitor that we are on the right track.

Next break your goal down into the following stages -

Macrocycle - Long term

Mesocycle - Medium term

Microcycle - Short term

Write these down or record them somewhere safe which you can refer to. 

Think about why you are doing this. Ask yourself the question, why do I want to do this? 

Identify your hotspot, your reasons for setting your goal. Then link in the emotional values and feelings. How you are feeling now and how you will feel when you achieve it.



Once you have achieved your goal, don't make the mistake and stop. You may go backwards or people may catch up with you, then overtake and leave you behind.

Consistency is what will keep us at that level and Persistence is what will keep us driving forward.

Personal Training


Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, then you need to increase your exercise regime and decrease your calorie intake so there is a deficit. 

Burn more calories than you consume and there will be a reduction in weight. 

Sustainable weight loss is key, as it will remain off. Focus on this and you will see better long term benefits.

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Muscle Building

Many people want to look good. That usually involves having muscles. 

Everybody has muscles just like everyone has abs...BUT it's the shape, size and definition of them that make them more or less visible. 

Training in the right weight, set and rep range will optimize your body to grow bigger, leaner and stronger.

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General Health & Fitness

This can relate to many aspects of fitness. 

People want to be 'fit' but what does that mean? Fit means to be able to carry out day to day tasks, in a functional way. Having the ability to have a general all round degree of fitness which can keep you active and healthy.

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Core strength

This area is often neglected. Many people don't know what their core is and how big a part it plays in movement. 

Your core will affect your posture, your back, your ability to transfer power from your legs to your upper body.

If you eat well, it will also strengthen your abs so you have a six pack.

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As we get older, we get less flexible. This is due to our muscles getting shorter and our ROM decreases. 

In order to remain supple, we need to work on our flexibility which will reduce the risk of injury.

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Sport Specific

Playing a sport requires all of the above. 

The more important part here is adapting your training so it is specific to the sport you play, which will then facilitate performance.

Training 'SMART' which is specific to your sport will make you a better athlete. 

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Group Sessions


Buddy PT session (1:2)

If you want to train with someone, then Buddy PT is for you.

Husband & Wife, Brother & Sister or just mates, you can motivate each other and achieve results together.

The work ratio is 1 PT vs 2 clients. The cost can even be shared so it works out cheaper for you!

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Group PT Session (1:4)

Small Group PT is available to help you and your group get results. 

Office colleagues, friends or even family can all take part. 

The work ratio is 1 PT vs 4 clients. The goal of the clients must be similar for the session to work. 

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Train together

If you and your friend have the same training goal, be each others motivation and work together with our help, to achieve success. Push each other to the next level with our Group Sessions.

Sport Specific


Fitness Events

Whether it be a Spartan Race, Tough Mudder or an Ironman Triathlon, the training you do can be related to that.

If you train SMART, you will see your performance improve.

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As a sports athlete, you know the training demands on the body. You should also know the type of training your should be doing, in order to excel in your chosen sport.

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Little changes can make a big difference...a new PB, a high place finish or even a medal finish. Spend time working on the little things that bring big results!

Get me involved...I want RESULTS

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