Challenges & Home workouts


How to stay fit when the gyms are closed...

These are unprecedented times. The world is on lockdown as we try to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

The gyms are closed and we have to stay at home to stay safe. But that does't mean we can't exercise. Besides, if we didn't exercise, we would lose our gains. We would lose all that hard work that we put in before and I for one, will not want to do that.

I've been busy during Quarantine, putting together "Home Workouts" you can do, using little or no equipment. 


Because it helps people stay sane. It helps people stay active which then makes them more productive. 


The "Burj Khalifa" Challenge

Standing at 828m tall,  the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the worlds tallest building. It has 163 floors and your challenge (and mine) is to run up it. 

I did this challenge (see image above) in my apartment building. It is 9 floors high so I had to run from Ground floor to 9th floor, then walk back down for a total of x18 times (plus a one more floor)

It's a great challenge mentally and physically. However, if you live in a taller building, you have an advantage and it is less tedious or repetitive. Give it a try and let me know how you get on.

As well as doing challenges, I have been filming live workouts each day which have been posted on the instagram page @nicky__fitness


Home workouts

We filmed and posted 84 Bodyweight exercises in 14 days for you to follow.

Then people started to purchase their own gym equipment to use at home, so we decided to help encourage people to use that equipment, by showing them what exercises and workouts they can do.

We filmed another 64 exercises with home equipment in 16 days, which you can copy and do at home. 

All videos are posted on @nicky__fitness instagram page.

Stay fit in Quarantine

Due to the global pandemic...

We have to be smart if we want to avoid putting on the extra kilos of weight at this time. Many people are working from home, which is great. It’s really important that we self isolate. But from a health perspective, what does working from home mean? 

If we are following government guidelines and not going out, we are less active. If we are not walking (back and for to the fridge x10 times a day doesn't count), if we are not going to the gym, playing sports or exercising then we are likely to be sitting down more, snacking more and therefore eating more. What happens then? It’s obvious, we will gain weight.

Don't worry, I've got you covered

If you’ve seen social media recently, many people are filming home workouts you can do, which use little or no equipment. These are great to do because they get you moving. They increase your heart rate, burn calories, get the muscles firing and keep your brain active. I’ve been filming home workouts everyday which can be found on my Instagram page @nicky_fitness. There are 84 bodyweight exercises you can follow and a load of different HIIT workouts using little equipment such as dumbbells, kettle bells, a step and resistance bands. There’s a lot of content on there which can benefit everyone at this time.

Are home workouts ‘better’ than going to the gym? Of course not, that’s why gyms were created. However, home workouts help you to stay fit (and sane) during quarantine. Before we go through some of the most effective exercises you can do at home, lets think of the benefits. If we do 30 mins of exercise, that is 4% of your day. I’m sure you can make time for this. All of the exercises below can be done without any equipment, you just need some floor space. 

The Workout

Round 1 = High knees vs Squats

Round 2 = Mountain climbers vs Push ups

Round 3 = Glute bridges vs Abdominal heel reaches

Round 4 = Skater vs Lunges

Round 5 = Burpees v Plank foot taps

The above = 10 exercises. How you plan to use these exercises is up to you. For example, you could do each round 2-3 times then move on to the next. Alternatively, you could do round 1-5 then rest an repeat that 2-3 times. Feel free to add weight to make it harder if you want that progression. If you are unsure of the exercises, you can check out my Instagram for the videos.

I’m sure that you will feel better after doing these exercises. It will help release stress, release endorphins and make you feel good. It will also help you stay sane and make sure you don’t lose all of your progress. Summer is just around the corner.


Never stop learning

This part of the website is where you can learn fitness tips and gain knowledge, from reading and watching fitness videos. 

Get in touch for more information.

Fat Burning

Understand what you need to do to burn fat. Here are some of my fitness tips to help you. Watch what exercise elevate your heart rate and which ones are best used for metabolic conditioning

Find out which training methods work for you.

HIIT, Continuous training, Resistance or Functional, all play a part in burning fat. 

What do you want to know?

Fire away with any questions you have on how you can burn fat, by sending an email to

Check out the Instagram page @nicky__fitness for more live exercises you can follow.

Don't be afraid to fail in 2020


We are often afraid to fail. We are scared to change. We don’t like losing or not being in our comfort zone. I’m sure we can all relate to this?

Having worked with a number of different clients over the years, it is evident that we always want to win or succeed. Not necessarily against others but more against ourselves and that is great, but sometimes we must fail.

From a fitness perspective, let me explain. Imagine you want to get stronger legs so you Squat. If you do that regularly, lets say x3 times a week, you will see change. But, it will take you longer to get results if you keep the weight the same and don’t increase to challenge yourself. It will take longer if you stick to the same amount of repetitions or the same exercises all the time. This will cause the body to plateau because we have adapted to the training. 


Stop following the crowd this year...

Most people will follow the 3 sets of x10 reps. This is basic resistance training methods and there are more advanced methods to follow. But the reason we continue to do this, is because we know we can do it. We know it is achievable and we want to complete it to feel good about ourselves. Realistically, we are doing it because we are happy in our comfort zone. We might increase the weight slightly but we only do what we think we can do, which again means results take longer. 

Why should we fail? Well, when we fail in life, we normally learn a new lesson or see things from a different perspective. Then we try to evaluate and analyse what went wrong so that we don’t do it next time. However, in the context of the Squat example above, if we increase the weight that we lift and we fail, where we may only do 6 reps instead of 10 which we were aiming for, we actually create a new stimulus. This triggers the muscle to work harder causing more muscle fibres to be recruited. This can tear the muscle which is part of the tear and repair cycle, of how a muscle develops and gets stronger. This principle is known as overload. Even if we fail, we don’t get the number of repetitions or we find it a lot harder than before, that’s ok, because we are trying. We are also preparing our mind and body to do it, so the more we try, the easier it becomes.


My message for all the readers this January is simple...

New Year, new you doesn't work. We set unrealistic goals, we expect results too soon and we make such drastic changes to our daily routine through training and nutrition, that we burn out too soon and are unable to sustain the ‘healthier lifestyle’. 

When we fail, that's a good sign. That is how we progress and that is how we grow stronger (as cliche as it sounds, it’s true) It also allows us to push our body to its maximal potential, which most people don’t know or have never experienced before because they are too happy wanting to change but also wanting to stay in the comfort zone - of which, you can’t have both.

So if you take one thing away from this article today, remember this…You are not failing, you are challenging yourself to do more than you have done before. And that is a positive step in the right direction to achieving any goals.


The reason WHY you are not achieving your GOALS

There is no secret formula to success...

When it comes to health and fitness, many people think they are being good, but actually they could be doing a lot better, just by listening to their body. Sometimes good is ok, it’s average. For example, you might be exercising regularly, eating the right foods, cutting down on smoking and drinking alcohol, getting up earlier to go to the gym…which are all great by the way, keep doing that. But you might still not be achieving your goals. WHY?

Last months article spoke about BMR which is our Basel Metabolic Rate and RDA which is our Recommended Daily Allowance. Both are key if you want to improve your nutrition and both are tailored for every individual. Understanding these two factors will have a big impact on your health. But there are other factors which contribute to our success. 

This months article will get you to think. First of all, I have a little quiz for you to do. I want you to choose which word you believe, is the most important out of the 3 questions below. 

  1. Nutrition or Exercise?
  2. Sleep or Productivity?
  3. Mindset of Performance?

I will reveal the correct answer in next months article, so stay tuned. Going back to the reason WHY. From my experience as a Personal Trainer, having worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years, in management and now as a Trainer and Tutor, we often hear people talk about question 1 above, Nutrition and Exercise. People will say Nutrition is 70% important, Exercise is 30%. You need to be in a calorie deficit for the body to break down and burn fat. You need to track your calories and macronutrient breakdown of Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats etc. I’m not disagreeing with the above, but there is more to it. 

Think about the amount of times you have started a diet. Monitoring what you eat, trying to be good by cutting down on big portion sizes. Eating salads for lunch, not having dessert after dinner. You need a fair amount of discipline to do this and to sustain this mindset. More often than not, we start this but we slip back into old habits and routines, which ultimately affects our goal and our health. Before you know it, you’re back to square one again. 

Then there’s exercise. From my previous articles, you will have read that this doesn't have to be running on the treadmill for 30 minutes. It doesn't have to be boring, it just has to elevate your heart rate and increase your core temperature to burn calories. Think about how many times you have joined a gym, gone out for a jog, started a training programme but then lost interest and stopped. Before you know it, you’re back to square one again. 

The key ingredient

One thing which connects Nutrition and Exercise together is sleep. I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts lately from Professors and Doctors, who say that optimal sleep duration is 8 hours a night. When we sleep, our body is healing. Muscles are recovering, the nervous system is relaxing, the digestive system is breaking down food, the endocrine system is regulating hormones and so on.

If we don’t get enough sleep, we are tired. Our stress levels increase, we become more hungry, quick tempered, our performance drops, there is a decrease in our hydration and energy levels. So here’s what I want you to do. Keep on top of your Nutrition and your Exercise but monitor your sleep. It will make a big difference to your body and you achieving your goals. 

Visit my Instagram page @nicky__fitness for more information.

Best wishes! 

Nicky Fitness

Speed - The ability to move the body as quickly as possible

The Ladder is a great piece of equipment to improve speed. SAQ means Speed Agility Quickness, which helps to enhance Type 2 muscle fibres to make us move faster!!

Watch this short video showing some different exercises I do with my clients. 

Can you do Push Ups?

A lot of people can't. They are unable to support their bodyweight using just their arms. 

This short video, shows different Push Up variations, that can help you get stronger and better at performing them. All you need is your body weight and a resistance band.

There are 4 levels here...

Beginners: On your knees

Intermediate: On your knees with band

Advanced: On your toes

Expert: On your toes with band 

See more videos on our instagram page @nicky__fitness

EID Fitness Tips


Where to go from here...

Nicky Fitness would like to wish all clients, friends and families of Dubai EID Mubarak. Best wishes for the year ahead!

Even though it is still summer time and extremely hot outside, you probably have a Fitness or Health goal you want to achieve?

Exercising should be fun. You should first start with bodyweight exercises before you do resistance machines or free weights. This is important because it develops a basic level of strength. If you are heavy, your bodyweight may be hard, therefore I will give you alternatives tips which you can do. 


Start small, then build from there...

My Top 5 Bodyweight exercises are shown below. For more fitness tips, keep checking out our page. You can follow these Bodyweight exercises after you have done your warm up and mobility exercises. Once you are warmed up, proceed with the following  -

1. Squats 

Start with feet slightly wider than hip width apart. Turn your toes out a little and keep your chest up. From there, bend your knees whilst keeping your back in neutral spine (not curved) then push through your heels to stand back up. Try to do this 10 times. Rest and then repeat for 3 sets = 30 reps. You should feel this working the muscles in your legs. Easier option is to do half range reps so don’t go down too low.

2. Push Ups

On the floor, facing down, extend your arms and hold that position. From there, bend your arms to bring your upper body closer to the floor. Then push back away from the floor. There are two options, number 1 is to perform this exercise on your knees. Number 2 is to perform this exercise on your toes. Aim to do this 10 times. Rest and repeat 3 sets = 30 reps. You should feel this in your upper body, mainly the chest, triceps on back of the arm and front of the shoulder. Easier option is to do push ups on your knees so they are resting on the ground for better stability. 

3. Sit Ups

Also on the floor, but this time in a lying down position facing the sky. Bend both knees and keep your shoulders flat on the ground. From here, place both hands on the top of your thigh. Then aim to slide your fingers to the top of your knees, in a sit up position. Try not to twist your spine but keep it straight as you reach forward. Do this 10 times. Rest and repeat for 3 sets = 30 reps. You should feel this working your abdominals in your stomach. Easier option is to start with your hands lower down on your thigh then work up to reaching past the knee. 

4. Lunges

This challenges your balance, whilst working your legs. You need to set up with a split stance, one leg infront of the other. Make sure both feet are facing forward and hold still. Then bend your back knee to the floor, whilst keeping your back straight and posture up right. You can start doing half reps as the easier option, then build up to full range where you go all the way down. Aim for 10 reps on each side = 20 in total then repeat for 3 sets = 60 reps. 

5. Plank

Probably one of the most dreaded exercises…why? Because it’s hard and holding your body flat in a still position for a period of time can be uncomfortable. Start in a lying position facing the floor. Then rest on your elbows with your legs straight so you are up on your toes. From here, keep your back flat in a ‘plank’ position. Try to focus on balance by holding as still as you can. You can drop down to your knees if it gets too intense. Try to do 30 seconds, then adjust the time accordingly depending on how easy or hard you find the exercise. Repeat for 3 sets.

My clients here me say this a lot. It's a great Motivation quote.


Find something you enjoy doing. Something that is fun and involves exercising. This could be re-living your childhood days and taking up old hobbies.

Make exercise and your health a lifestyle change!

For live updates and videos, follow @nicky__fitness on Instagram


Read, learn & try

As a Fitness Columnist and writer for Outdoor UAE Magazine, there are many ways in which we can keep fit. 

This ranges from gym based exercises, bodyweight exercises, group classes, bootcamps to outdoor exercises.

You can also find articles I have written for SFME magazine with video content on their Youtube channel. Preparing you for big events in the Middle East calendar such as getting through a Triathlon and training during Ramadan to name a few...

Video footage

Read the article and watch the fitness videos. 

This helps create a clear vision of the exercises, the form and technique used along with the speed of movement.

Check out the video link below...

No Equipment = No Problem

Bodyweight Training

Many people believe that they have to be a member of the gym to get fit and be in shape...wrong.

Many people believe that they don't have the time to train and exercise, also, wrong!

Here are some fitness tips for you. You can use your own bodyweight as your resistance and you can do it in your own home. All you need is some floor space.

Exercising for 20-30 minutes a day, isn't that long and the benefits are worth it!

What exercises can you do?

Depending on your goal and if you have an injuries, you can follow these exercises below. Bodyweight training is a great way to improve fitness, strength, range of movement, flexibility, posture, core strength, help lose weight and it can also be fun!

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Push ups
  • Pull ups
  • Sit ups
  • Plank
  • Back extensions
  • Tricep dips

Once you understand the exercises above, you can progress each one and then take it to the next level which is calisthenics (as shown in the image on the side - the human flag)

Want to know more?

Any questions you have about bodyweight training, send us an email and we will get back to you

More videos and content can be found on Instagram @nicky__fitness for more live exercises you can follow.

Leg's - Bodyweight Exercises

No Equipment = No Problem

Give this Bodyweight combination of exercises a try.  It targets your Quadriceps, Glutes and Hamstrings. For more fitness videos check out the other tips on our page.

You can do x3-5 sets of 10-20 repetitions on each exercise. 

Remember to focus on control and technique in order to maximise the time under tension and the range of movement.

Target those Obliques

Target those Obliques to get a more chiselled waistline. Focus on the side of your body, your internal and external obliques for tightening your core. Watch our Fitness Videos for tips on how to get a narrower waist.

Fitness Tips for using HR monitor

Heart Rate monitors are a great tool to monitor the intensity of your training along with your fitness levels. Certain exercises elevate the Heart Rate, whereas certain exercises decrease the Heart Rate.

Find what works for you, whilst wearing a MyZone belt.

Aim to Maintain

Check out my 'Aim to Maintain' Ramadan Fitness video to ensure you don't lose your strength and fitness levels during the holy month.

How to prepare for an Ironman

Unleash your Ironman is a training video that help give you tips to prepare yourself for a Triathlon. You need to have a basic level of fitness to begin.

It covers the 3 disciplines

1) Swim

2) Cycle

3) Run