Client Goals & Testimonials


Basel's Strength far

In his own words

By far the best Personal Trainer I have worked with. Since starting with Nicky, I have seen and felt a significant change in terms of my strength, stamina and actual gains. My body is changing quick towards my goal, of decreasing fat and increasing muscle. 

I sleep better, don't stress much at work and it's all because of Nicky's understanding of what my body needs and how to target specific areas for max results. 

Nicky is a beast and I wouldn't want to workout without him there.


The Training

From meeting Basel, it was clear that he wasn't over weight. He was active but needed to work on his strength and overall fitness.

After goal setting, we both agreed on the action plan needed to get results. This is key, as both Trainer and Client are driving in the same direction and are both accountable for the end product.

We started off training x3 times a week. Each session would include some Cardio based work, which would aim to increase the Heart Rate, Burn Calories and Improve Fitness levels. The session would also include Strength based training, using Bodyweight, Resistance Machines and Free Weights. 

Every session was different and challenging. The more I got to work with Basel, the more I was able to understand his capability and was able to push him past his comfort zone, to a level he couldn't get to on his own. His motivation, mindset and commitment is what most Personal Trainers want to see from their clients. 

Alongside the training, we monitored his Nutrition. Simple tips like -

  • having protein with each meal
  • being in a calorie deficit
  • understanding portion control
  • eating before and after exercise in the 'training window'
  • avoiding un-necessary snacks

...all helped contribute to his changes.

The results from eating right and training hard are beginning to show, which is a great feeling for both Trainer and Client.


Work in progress...

Basel still trains with me and we are making good progress. He can now lift more weight with better technique, for more repetitions and sets. 

His overall Strength has increased, particularly in his Chest, Back and Leg exercises. He can now Push, Pull and Squat +10kg-15kg more with better form and control. 

We fitness test after every block of sessions to monitor progression. This gives the Trainer and the Client a check point to aim for but also a true reflection that the training we are doing is working. It allows us to set new goals to aim for which are realistic and achievable. 

I'm excited to see what more we can achieve. Well done Basel, keep it up!

Client Goals & Testimonials


Emily's progress...

In her own words

I have been living in Dubai for almost a year as I work for Emirates Airline. Despite being a keen runner back home, since moving to Dubai I found the lifestyle change impacted my fitness regime. I found myself snacking more, exercising less, drinking alcohol more frequently and found it difficult to have set meal times as a result of having a varied work schedule. 

I contacted Nicky in late September and immediately felt at ease. Nicky asked questions as to what it was I was aiming to achieve, my end goal and my current fitness level all of which made me feel the training plan was well tailored and personal.


The Goal & the Training

I wanted to increase my overall fitness as I am training for the Dubai Marathon, additionally I mentioned I wanted to tone as well as lose weight. I started training with Nicky at the beginning of October and the training plan is on going. Nicky ensures I'm comfortable in the environment I am working in, ensuring I pick a location suited to myself. As I enjoy to work outdoors, I choose to train at Skydive Dubai.

Two workouts are never the same, from resistance training to cardio, to circuit training using the equipment around us as well as the equipment Nicky brings to the session e.g. resistance bands, kettlebell, boxing equipment. Each session targets different muscle groups.

Nicky makes me feel comfortable throughout, pushing me at the right times, encourages questions if I am unsure and informs me of the benefits of each exercise as well as providing me with nutrition advice. The workouts are just as fun as they are challenging, the environment and atmosphere is relaxed, professional and I would 100% recommend Nicky to anyone who is looking to get fit, improve their fitness or add fun to their training regime. 


The Results...Well done Emily

Since I have started my training plan with Nicky, I have lost 4kg (8 pound) and not only feel stronger, look more toned but more importantly happier in myself and my lifestyle. I look forward to each session as I know I'm closer to the results I want. A huge thank you Nicky. 

Stay tuned for more progress shots from Emily and best of luck for the Marathon coming up!

Client Goals & Testimonials


Stan's far

Stan got in touch with me after I delivered the Level 2 and Level 3 PT course with EmpiricUAE. He was one of the candidates on the course, who was studying to become a Personal Trainer alongside his full time job. 

His goal is to lose weight and become more toned. He trains very hard and has been doing extra sessions with his partner outside of PT sessions, which is a great way to achieve your results faster!

He was also a part of the NickyFitness team during the Dubai Fitness Challenge exercising for 30 mins for 30 consecutive days.

We are still working towards his goal but here is a quick insight into the training and what he has to say so far...


His own words...

I have found Nicky to be an extraordinary personal  trainer of great knowledge of body mechanics, muscle function and is capable of determining my  abilities . His pleasant and positive attitude is a great asset to his willingness to work with me  at my own level and helps me challenge by own strength which has given  me  great results in a months’ time.  He instills confidence and encourages me to  work further and apply myself more diligently.Again, I have been extremely happy with Nicky’s training , and would recommend him highly to anyone interested in improving their overall physical and mental wellbeing.


Keep up the hard work Stan!

Results take time and commitment, but when you start to see change, that will motivate you to continue.

For training get in touch today!

Client Goals & Testimonials


Amjad's Weight Loss story

In his own words

I used to hate the gym. When you are overweight and self-conscious, it’s not exactly your favourite place to be. Nicky has all of the proper guidance and motivation to achieve the dream and to get yourself in shape. 

I felt more comfortable to go in and bust my fats. While attempting to do just that I was coached by, in my personal opinion, the best personal trainer may anyone to have.



I started training with Nicky about 5 months ago, and even though it was my own determination to shed the weight, it was Nicky’s programs and workouts that got me to where I am today. A no-nonsense attitude, mixed with weight training and intense cardio routines will whip anyone who is willing to take it on into shape in no time. Now I’m almost 20 kg lighter! 

A great trainer who genuinely wants to help people get fit is the perfect recipe for success. 

Thank you for your great job...this is the simplest word I can say.


Get in touch, to lose weight

It is a great feeling when you achieve your goal. 

As a client, Amjad listened and was committed to his training. He has done well, every session he has been pushed and has made great progress losing 20kg. The journey continues...

Client Goals & Testimonials


Lucy's climb up Mount Everest

A few months ago, Lucy got in touch with Nicky-Fitness and wanted help. She had spoken to some friends and decided she wanted to climb Mount Everest. 

Lucy lives a very busy life in Dubai and spends a lot of her working day in the office or in meetings.

Climbing Mount Everest isn't an easy task...far from it. It is the Worlds Highest Mountain and is situated in the Himilayas, standing at 8,848m tall or 20,029 ft. Temperatures drop below freezing which makes the climb very challenging, along with the altitude.



The main focus for this event was to increase Lucy's fitness to a level where she has good Cardiovascular system, muscular endurance and strong mental and physical strength. 

A lot of the training was specific, Including include treadmill walks, interval training, boxing, wearing a rucksack with a weight inside...all to prepare her for the event and to push her body more than what she has done before.

Lucy has trained very hard and her efforts will soon be rewarded. We hope she climbs the mountain whilst having fun along the way.

If you are not interested in Lucy's story, get in touch. Details of her climb will be posted once completed...stay tuned.


Good Luck!!

What ever your goal, we can help you. 

If you need help with your training, get in touch!