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Journey to the Show...


Mens Physique Competitor

Working in the Fitness Industry today, is based a lot on image. Not only do you have to have the knowledge and know what you are talking about...but you have to be in fit shape and look the part yourself.

Or do you? It didn't use to be like this. Even some of the best trainers and coaches in world sport, are not in shape, may not have played at the highest level yet they can get results and they can get the best out of people.

For me, being a role model within the Fitness industry helps justify the saying 'practice what you preach' which I believe in. It doesn't necessarily matter what condition you are in yourself as long as you are good at what you do. As long as you can get results out of other people then why does it matter?

What is the role of a Personal Trainer? I believe it is to get results. People pay money to see a change or an improvement. So why am I working so hard to get in shape myself, I hear you ask? Well you don't have to be in shape to instruct as a PT, but it helps. You don't have to be a role model and have an outstanding physique, but it helps. Why? Well, it demonstrates a few core values. It shows that you have the ability to discipline yourself. That you are committed to the goals you set, you also put in the hard work around your clients and you have a strong passion for what you do and for your line of work, which is the Health & Fitness industry.

My Background

I have always been very active and into Sports. I was Welsh 100m and 4x100 relay champion on two occasions, played football for Swansea City and Wales with experience playing games in the Champions League & Europa League. My fellow team mates used to laugh and joke because I was one of those minority who enjoyed running. I enjoyed the fitness element of football, more so than the tactical element. I didn't mind the sprints and running involved during pre season when most players use to hate it. I was quite skinny growing up and had to work hard to gain any size or muscle. 

The Reason

Since I moved to Dubai, I have seen a lot more people exercise and be active. These are mainly expats and the climate makes a big difference from the UK weather. With that said, the beach body and six pack appeal now becomes a 12 month, all year round appearance rather than a few months in the summer. 

I have worked in the Fitness industry for 10 years and I have trained many clients in One to One and Group PT sessions. I'm honest enough to admit that even though most of them achieved results, they were not always the results they wanted. This comes down to their own discipline and focus, as we can not always motivate clients 24/7.

People often want a 'Quick Fix' meaning they want to lose weight or gain muscle in a short space of time. Then they lose motivation if they don't see a change. Of course, goal setting is a part of this along with other factors, because if the goal set is unachievable then you are already facing an uphill struggle meaning you are less likely to get results. But what I have found during my prep for this show, is that the key here is persistence.

'Fall in love with the process and the results will come' 

I tell my clients this quote quite a lot and it is written not only on my website but also the training and nutrition plans. You need to have a structure to your workouts and to have a plan, a strategy which links to your final end goal. I also tell them the importance of making small sustainable changes which you are more likely to adhere to, cutting back rather than cutting out. These are some of the ways to make lifestyle changes rather than temporary changes.

What does everyone want? Everyone wants to get results in the shortest time possible. And rightly so...time is valuable. But I believe you must put in the hard work. You must graft, push yourself and do things the right way. People have approached me, my own clients have approached me, though email, message and social media streams and asked me if certain substances can help them get results. I used to think why would you do that? But with the way the Fitness industry is now, I am no longer surprised. If it gives you a My answer...short term, maybe yes. Long term, probably not. 

I have used this as motivation for myself, as I want to prove that you can get in good shape naturally, with good nutrition and the right training plan. Yes, it may take longer but it is a lot more sustainable and will be easier to maintain. 

A good way to emphasise this, is for me to compete. Men's Physique is a good way to show case and demonstrate that you have the knowledge and the ability to push yourself to it's limits not only the people you train.

There are going to be some strong physiques at the Dubai Muscle Show at the Dubai World Trade Centre on 8th & 9th December. I am still in prep and it is going well. So well that I may enter a the Fitness Expo event at Dubai Mall next week. I plan to use this as a warm up and trial run for experience. Wish me luck!!


First time for everything...

Having never competed before, this will be my the first time.

I have done all the Training and Nutrition myself but had guidance with my posing. 

You can check below for a breakdown of the food I was eating during my prep. 


Competition Prep

A spontaneous decision turned into reality.

A strong test of discipline and will determine the end goal.

Training and Nutrition will be done by Nicky Fitness to prove that you can get in shape naturally and it can all be self taught, if you work hard and get the balance with your diet. It's about finding what works for you!

Dubai Muscle Show 2017


The biggest event in the Dubai Fitness Calendar

On 8th & 9th December, the Dubai Muscle show came to the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The annual exhibition attracts many high profile sportspeople from across the world. Famous bodybuilders, strongest men, fitness celebrities are amongst some of the people you will find. There are also competitions such as Men's Physique and Bodybuiding.

Lots of fitness companies are there with stands to promote their brand and give out free stuff.


Men's Physique competitor

As a personal goal for me, my aim was to compete at the Dubai Muscle show.

On the Thursday, the day before we had to register and get our height recorded.

I measured up at 178cm but was put into the over 182cm category on the day. This meant I was the last height category of the Men's Physique discipline, sharing the stage with some big guys. Numbered at 269, it shows how many competitors there actually were.

Unfortunately I didn't place. Of course I was disappointed as a lot of training and hard work had gone into preparing for this competition.

I did it completely natural from a good diet and hard training plan. It has made me more aware of my body, in terms of what I can do to push it reach the next level.

It turns out I came 12th out of 21 in my category, just missing out on the Top 10 semi final.


If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you'

Simple words, but effective.

This whole prep has been a big learning curve. 


Who did my training plan?

Who did my nutrition?

Who taught me how to pose?

Who prepared my meals?

Who stepped outside their comfort zone?


I did

With no previous experience I was able to condition myself to take part on stage. I was able to discipline myself to achieve the best physique I have ever had.

For help on how I can help you, get in touch by clicking below -

Dubai Muscle Show - Sports people


Jay Cutler

Ronnie Colemen

Ronnie Colemen


Ronnie Colemen

Ronnie Colemen

Ronnie Colemen


Dorian Yates

Ronnie Colemen

Dorian Yates


Simeon Panda

Won Push Up competition 104 reps

Won Push Up competition 104 reps


Won Push Up competition 104 reps

Won Push Up competition 104 reps

Won Push Up competition 104 reps


Paige Hathaway

Dana Linn Bailey

Paige Hathaway


Hattie Boydle

Dana Linn Bailey

Paige Hathaway


Dana Linn Bailey

Dana Linn Bailey

Dana Linn Bailey

4 weeks out turns into 1 week - Fitness Expo


Ready earlier than planned

Above is a snapshot of my first proper posing session with IFBB Athlete and good mate Paul Sullivan @sully_dxb

Posing is a my weakness as I have never done it before...but you must start somewhere!


Fitness Expo Dubai

Date - 17th & 18th November 2017

Location - Dubai Mall


Dubai Muscle Show

Date - 8th & 9th December 2017

Location - Dubai World Trade Centre

Fitness Expo Dubai 2017


Men's Physique show

On Friday 17th November, I took part in my first Men's physique competition on a stage on the ice Rink at Dubai Mall.

It was a busy event with all the stalls set up on the Ice Rink and a stage facing the stand.

About the show

  • EBFF (Emirates Bodybuilding Fitness Federation) were the federation in charge.
  • There were x3 disciplines. 

  1. Bodybuilding 
  2. Classic Bodybuilding
  3. Mens Physique

  • Men's Physique was my discipline. My height is 180cm + so I was in the tallest category.
  • There were 16 athletes in my category.
  • I managed to place and came 6th overall. 


The Experience

The whole show was an experience. 

What made me do it?

On Thursday 9th November, I trained with my friend and former athlete Paul Sullivan, who said I should use this as a learning curve and enter for the experience. My main focus being the Muscle Show 8th & 9th December.

This was my first time on stage. I was nervous,I was excited and not sure what to expect. The whole day from messing up my tan to me not getting my posing right and not smiling much is something I will learn from. Playing a full game of football 48hrs before made my body depleted so I didn't look or feel as strong as normal. The whole prep, posing, fake tanning was all new to me and very different!


Placed 6th overall

There were a lot of lessons learned during the Prep, from Peak Week to Show day.

I did all of the Training and Nutrition myself, I had some good advice during Peak Week from Sully and on the day the support from him and others really helped. 

I now have a better understanding of competitions and what to do, what the judges look for and I will work at this for next time.

'Put yourself in a new situations, thats how you learn and grow'