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Fitness Video - Motivation

New Year tips for 2018


Find out the WHY?

Looking back on 2017, which has been a good year, it will be hard to beat in 2018.

Ask yourself this one question.

- How can you do better in 2018?

Below are five simple but effective tips which can help you get results.

  1. Know what your want
  2. Focus on your goal
  3. Believe in yourself
  4. Do what makes you happy
  5. Reward your progress

If your reason why, is greater than your how, then you will see a change.

Your desire, motivation and will to succeed will drive you to results.

Listening and implementing one of the 5 listed above will also show a change. 


Try something new...

Many people in January, realise how much they have eaten and overindulged during Christmas and decide to focus on losing weight in the New Year.

Research shows that 80% of people give up their New Year resolution by the 2nd week of January.

Why? I hear you ask...well it's mainly down to two things

  • Setting an unrealistic goal to begin with
  • Not having the right mindset to follow it through

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Find something that you enjoy...that way you are more likely to sustain it and be happy. That will help you get results.

For example - join a running club, play volleyball on the beach, learn how to surf, ride a bike in the desert... are just some examples.


Looking Forward

There have been so many cliche quotes in the last 24 hours...

'New Year new me, fresh start to achieve my goals etc'

Those are great but NOTHING will CHANGE unless you change your 'Mindset'

Think about it...Today is 1st January, a new year, but you are the same person. If you want better, do something about it. Be realistic in what you want to achieve, set little targets as progress points to reach your end goal and keep believing.

Having a more positive mind...will promote optimism, self confidence, self esteem and belief. Changing your mindset will change your attitude. A more positive attitude brings more positive results!!

On behalf of Nicky Fitness, all the best for the year ahead!

For help or guidance with your fitness goals, get in touch. 


How to achieve what you want to achieve...

Goals. Having something to aim for, a vision, a target, a focus. Goals are what keep us motivated, they give us direction, purpose and meaningfulness. With all that said, we must plan our goals specifically. The goal set acronym SMARTER which stands for 

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time
  • Execution
  • Results a great reminder of the factors we need to think about when setting a goal. If we have something to aim for we are more likely to achieve. 

Vision - don’t leave it down to luck

For example, you are in a desert, it is 45 degrees and you need to find shade. You look around but can’t find anything. Then u notice a tree in the distance. You keep ur eyes poised on the tree and walk directly towards it. Then you find your shade. During the walk you can track your progress as you start to get closer to your goal..the tree. You gain confidence and become motivated as you get closer and closer to what you want which is the shade. If you didn’t have anything to aim for, then you would have no direction. No structure, no plan or target. You would probably still be looking for that tree now, unless you came across it through perseverance or luck. If something is important to you, like a goal should be, don’t leave it down to luck. Have a plan, have a structure and then you can set yourself steps to monitor your progress along the way, so that you don’t lose focus, direction or motivation and to ensure you are on the right track. Think about what you really want then think about how you’re going to get there. Write it down, see the steps visually and watch your results come together.